No winds blow in favor of a ship without direction! When the destination of our sailing is unclear, all winds are unfavorable. To make progress in live, one must establish the right destination. The process of identifying the right ends requires knowledge, exposure and many times guidance. Unfortunately, the schools don't teach financial intelligence, and many people spend the first 10 to 30 years of their careers, learning how not to manage their finances.

Here are the scary facts from a research done in the most entrepreneurial nation on earth at the time (USA). The research was conducted to study 100 professionals over their 40 year careers span and the discoveries were troubling.

54 of them were still dependent at age 65. 24 were dead already, even though the nation had good healthcare systems. 16 out of the 100 were still working, 5 were financially independent and only ONE in 100 was financially FREE. The odds for becoming financially free are stacked against the average person. To become FREE financially one must mark it out as a goal, and consciously and deliberately build assets to earn passive income.

The avenues available to create passive income and operate with leverage are Real Estate, Paper Investments, Automated Business, Royalties from Creative works and Network Marketing. Of all these avenues, the one that offers a level playing field for up to 90% of the society is Network Marketing. Despite this opportunity, it is the most misunderstood and misrepresented.

Network Marketing falls into wrong comparison with scams - Pyramid Schemes and Ponzi Schemes. These are organizations with similar pyramid structures without any PRODUCT or SERVICE of value that can be retailed on their own merit. The world is awash with these scams and these FAKES rob the Network Marketing industry of it's true elevation as the BEST way to learn entrepreneurship and build assets with leverage for passive income.

Many companies claim that people are their best assets, in Network Marketing this is no cliche. People truly are the best assets.

In A2W we have a platform that ensures that people learn and earn. A2W has more than 13 ways to earn and dedicated resources to ensure that wealth gained is converted to assets so that financial freedom can be easily achieved. A2W helps to increase the entrepreneurial activity in any Nation space and consequently reduces the poverty index.