Read what our Distributors think. . .

It's been one year since I joined this wonderful group of friends and family called Avenues to Wealth.

My primary aim then was to get a discounted honeymoon vacation package as I was preparing to marry a gorgeous Bonny beauty, Iduwari. Along came various other benefits I was so grateful for. The free calls were so much of a blessing being that we were in different cities at that time. Discounted flights even within Nigeria was really interesting as we enjoyed these offers and more.

I can remember my first two sign-ups, when I made my first $20. I printed it out and flagged it round my office with such excitement. My warm enthusiastic mind was embraced with mixed feelings and amusement from my colleagues that I felt like a complete joke. I lost the fire for a few months being that nothing happened the following Mondays. Nothing Green about them.

But thank God for a wonderful team of leaders we have, I was being encouraged and supported to keep at it. After the leadership retreat in Nov 2010 with Prof Pat Utomi and Steve Harris, I cut the bug. My passion to succeed in this business became parallel to nothing. Receiving a "No" from a prospect energizes me to do more. And I kept at it, providing people's greatest needs with solutions from our various privileges.

Now I'm PLATINUM. A journey of $20 weekly has turned to $3,000. Consistency, Sacrifices, Commitment and God's Favour walked me through this process. With so much Love and Support from my beautiful wife, Dr. Iduwari Adim [Username – adimsqueen], I was able to manage my time and my team very well. And the guidance of seasoned and experienced productive leaders in Avenues to Wealth aided my performance and promotion.

Very interesting to note that I achieved Platinum while still at my full-time job. My goal now is to stay in here and inform others that it's possible. [and you can't "fire your boss" if your boss is in your team]

Special thanks; to my Chairman, our MD Mr Adeolu Akinyemi. Who's success story and passion for others to succeed encourages me to do so. Adding to his expertise in business management and administration having stared the Nigerian a2w boat to this great height. Thanks for the gifts I received during the award [an electric Jug and a Samsung microwave], and thanks for the a2w "OUR BOX". Awesome! Thanks for the impact your words has created in my life. You are a big factor in my success story.

Our lovely first lady Temitope Akinyemi, a woman of warmth and attentiveness.

Our Operations Manager and daddy, Mr. Emmanuel Chukwu, a warrior in this financial freedom battle and indeed in the kingdom warfare.

My young and beautiful "great-grand-mother" in this business, the 1st world PLATINUM, a cheerful and loving leader, Ijeoma Chukwu. Thanks for all the support all the way especially at the verge of the change of status to Platinum. Thanks for the gift of a fridge and extra $1000. I feel like becoming Platinum again and again.

To Mr. John and Nkiru Akwarandu, wonderful company of lovely people even back in Thailand.

To my direct upline, my mother in this business, my mentor and my couch, my Platinum Diva, Chika Ukpaka [Unstoppable] A tenacious strong and heroic achiever. A model in many ways. I'm forever grateful you introduced me to this business, and followed me through the process. My generations and indeed those I will impact by the cause of this opportunity will live to bless you always. Everyone deserves an upline like you. Thanks for the Party in PHC in my honor.

To Mr & Mrs Emeka Nwankwo and Dr. Victoria Ezeokoli, thanks for sharing your stage with me. thanks for the team support and team work.

To the senior Platinum Fellas; Chilaka, Chinwe, Voke, Gladis, Chinasa, Pst. kingsley, Busee, Solomon James and many more. Thanks for your warm welcome and the space on this platform. I can see many more spaces for more People aspiring to get here. [So Comrade Stanley, Ola, Sam, Tonia, Chinyere, Fola, Jaja,Sulaiman, Tony, pls starting warming up]

To our international Leaders [Dr. Dolf, Damien, Kim, Vannet, Chris and Stefan], thanks for creating this wonderful opportunity that has evidently changed lives, families and communities. It's a beautiful thing to be part of this historic phenomenon. The Thailand experience tripled my passion to succeed in life and to impact people's lives with this multiple streams of total wealthy being.

To my Team [ in MTN, HOTR, BAT, everywhere], We got here together. Thanks for the support and good work. Now give me your hands let me pull you up. keep the fire burning high.

To every distributor with Avenues to Wealth. The sky you are looking at is only your spring board. Head for the heavens!

Thanks everyone….. Thanks to the Most High !

This is simply…..amazing !

Nnanna Adim (Platinum Distributor)

My name is Chilakah Joseph. I am happily married with 3 lovely children; 2 boys and a girl. I live in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

I joined A2W in May 2009 and the life of my family has changed tremedously since then. I have achieved in one year of membership far more that I did for over 7 years working as a Chartered Accountant. I have bought a brand new jeep, I have been sponsored to 4 different exotic vacations abroad with my spouse all expense paid, I have built my own house, my children are in very good schools and I pay their school fees upfront without planning for it and I have touched some few lives positively in just one year.

Before I joined Avenues to Wealth, I was finding it difficult to pay my childrens school fees, I could not change my old car and I was jumping from one job to another due to dissatisfaction, but today my story has changed. I am stable now with my job, I do not look out for vacations anymore because I have a good PLAN B.

I recommend A2W to every professional and to every employee because it will make you stable at your job. You will not work with fear because you have a plan B. If you have a dream you want to pursue, just focus on Avenues to Wealth with passion, and your dream will become a reality sooner than you expect. Join Now!

Chilakah Joseph (Platinum Distributor)

I came into the Network Marketing industry after running my archictural office for twenty years. I saw it as a better way to provide income and lifestyle improvement after retiring. I achieved a measure of success in network marketing within a couple of years, working part-time.

I subsequently joined the Avenues to Wealth family for three main reasons:

1. The Avenues to Wealth infinitely deep binary business model is immensely powerful for income generation.

2. The Privilege Pack product was firmly rooted in aspects of lifestyle that were important to me - Holidays and Travel. Now this has expanded to ALSO include Health and Property Investments, I AM EXTREMELY HAPPY.

3. I was looking for the ability to earn international US$ income, and develop world wide business.

As a network Marketer, Avenues to wealth has given me everything I was looking for. It has given me the POTENTIAL to achieve all of the things I was looking for when I first entered this unique industry

John Morley (Platinum Distributor)

Prior to Avenues to Wealth, I never thought I could run a personal business alongside my very hectic 9-5 full time job.

I live in Port Harcourt and have worked for 11 years with a renowned telecoms firm. I double as the Admin/HR/Quality Rep for the whole of the East and manage 4 projects as well as handle tenders/bids and proposals. Sometimes this keeps me out of my home for 2 weeks at a stretch.With a hubby and three young kids on the domestic front, it was impossible for me to think or dream of handling any serious business outside of my full time job.

I was introduced to A2W in May of 2009. Though I listened to my friend who presented the opportunity, I never heard a word of what was said. I had made up my mind never to get involved with network marketing as I had been burnt severely in my many attempts at it.

My friend and now upline came to me again in March of 2010 and I decided to sign up just to get her off my back! However, with all the support from her and the wonderful people around, I earned my first Fast Start Bonus and since then its been one wonderful piece of news after the other. I made Platinum in 10 weeks. I have earned in 1 week twice my monthly earnings after 11 years of work!

I have been able to find a way to combine work with A2W because the opportunity allows the flexibility without imposed targets. With the support system and training, I have achieved some level of financial freedom and success in just 7 months. I believe the sky is my spring board with Avenues to Wealth.

Not forgetting new relations built and dreams fulfilled. Discovering Avenues to Wealth was discovering my watershed.

Voke Dublin-Green (Platinum Distributor)

My name is Adeolu Akinyemi, husband of one Temitope Akinyemi (Platinum Distributor) and father of 2. I'm almost 3yrs in the business. I was totally inactive for 7 months, my business was comatose. I became a platinum distributor 4 months after the comatose stage and have been passionately building my business ever since. I believe that no one has an excuse for not excelling in this business. I have seen drivers, illiterates and even deaf people doing this business.

I reluctantly paid for my privilege pack, when I finally did out of respect for the person introducing me, I made up my mind not to drive the business. I had been involved with "Network Marketing" before and I did not like either the sour taste of failure of the after taste of what people perceived as success. I made up my mind that never again!

While I was facing other businesses and getting constant reminders from people already building their business, I had a life changing experience that made me decide to pay closer attention to this business model (feel free to ask me when you see me). I decided that not only was I interested in the product possibilities that the company had to offer, but I had become a convert of the Network Marketing model. I believe in this industry, love the model and became not only a student of it, but a teacher of teachers.

In this business I have had the privilege of making friends, making money and making people. Thanks to Avenues to Wealth, I have been able to afford and maintain what many people call their dream cars - a Range Rover and a CRV. I have been able to invest in Real Estate and own some assets I'm really proud of. I've enjoyed breath taking vacations with my wife in Egypt, India, Mauritius, UK, India, Singapore, Thailand, Dubai, Maldives e.t.c.- this is someone who could not afford a honeymoon out of Nigeria. I have been able to support many to become millionaires, I have sponsored a number on my ticket for all expense paid 5 star vacations, I have touched lives. More importantly, I am living the life of my dreams and confident that the future is bright, owning my time and having the liberty to serve God and country without fear or limitations.

If you have a dream, Avenues to Wealth is a vehicle. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, let's go together. It's been a pleasure guiding many people to succeed in this business and it's my pleasure to share my testimony with you all. With all I have achieved, I still know, that today is the worst day of the rest of my life. There is more ahead!

God bless you!

Adeolu Akineymi (Platinum Distributor)

My name is Ijeoma Chukwu blessed with 5 kids ( 4boys & 1 girl ) and a lovely Husband - Emmanuel Chukwu who is also a leader in Avenues to wealth. We both joined the business in 2008. I used to work in a PAY - TV company - TREND TV as a marketing manager while my husband had his own private business.

Having worked with this company for 10 yrs, I was tried of my job because I could not achieve financial freedom, I was payed "salary" - A take home that never gets home. My children were suffering in the hands of house helps. I had no time for my marriage, family & friends. So I was looking for an opportunity that would afford me both time & financial freedom.

Going through my mail one Sunday afternoon, I saw a mail that the company was going to launch soon. I read through the mail and what really got me interested was the fact that I can earn weekly in dollars and that was simply what I was looking for. I quickly resigned from my job and kick started the business not minding that I did not fully understand how it works. I just wanted to be a success !. And less than 5 weeks, I broke the records by becoming the first platinum in the world.

My huband who is my downline, also doing well in the business, equally resigned from his business and in no time, became a platinum member. Both of us are doing the business full time! In less that 3 yrs, we have moved from a ZERO to HERO. We have bought brand new cars with our earnings, properties, new home, new lifestyle. Infact, our lives have changed. Our children are in best schools. We have travelled to these countries on an all expenses paid trip vacations by the company - Egypt, Mauritius, India, Maldives, Singapore, Dubai & Thailand. Some of the trips we went with our children.

However, we are proud to say that we have affected the lives of the people who joined us in the business. . We have produced the hightest number of platinums so far. We have over 13 platinums in our team who are now financially free and we have over 17,000 members in our team who are in different ranks.

We thank God for a A DREAM COME TRUE !

Ijeoma Chukwu (Platinum Distributor)

I started this business early 2009, about the middle of my NYSC year. Of course, I knew next to nothing about network marketing, but I was determined to make it work.

With this resolve, I had to learn new skill set, acquire knowledge and learn to leave my comfort zone if I was to achieve my dreams. With the vision I had, I carried on after my NYSC year and decided not to look for a "regular job".

Since then, I have had the most gratifying experiences. I have been on all-expense paid trip to the Maldives, met the most progressive set of people and I have made in one week what many companies will pay as salary in one month.

I have developed skills that I couldn't imagine having and I have had the fulfilling experience of helping people succeed. All these of course, involved hard work, drive and persistence. It involved the ability to keep on moving even when you felt discouraged. It has been a real business school.

The last two years has been the most developmental in my life. Moreso, the future is brighter than ever and we have only just started.

Gbemi Akande (Silver Distributor)

My name is Emeka Nwankwo, a Platinum Distributor with Avenues to Wealth. I was working on Plan A, doing 7am - 10pm career job with a high-flying Bule Chip company, the salary was good, with very attractive working environment, I had great colleagues and highly driven bosses.

I had all that a good job could offer, but not a life of my own. No time for my family, no time for friends, no time to pursue my dreams and of course no time for vacations.

All that has changed, I joined Avenues to Wealth in Novemeber 2008 and finally exited the rat race in May 2009, since then it has been one exciting story after another, with weekly earnings in Dollars, three all expense paid vactions and lots of memories.

I have found a place where I can impact lives, build a bright financial future and live out my dream. I now have a life of my own, thanks to Avenues to Wealth.

Without a life. You can't have a lifestyle.

Emeka Nwankwo (Platinum Distributor)

I am Rita Okenedo a Gold Distributor in Avenues to Wealth. I am a teacher by profession. I joined this honourable international organisation on the 9th March 2010 prior to this time I had challenges in my finances. I had done businesses of buying and selling both local and foreign goods but I discovered losses instead of profits.

As a teacher my income was not meeting my needs at all. I needed financial freedom and authority. Joining Avenues to Wealth was not coincidence but an answer to my prayers.

Through Avenues to Wealth, life has become easier, sweeter and much better. I have moved from one degree of glory to another with the help of God. I have also been able to build a team with vibrant leaders springing forth.

This organisation has given me the privilege of earning an income which keeps on getting better by the week. God has used me to help other people through Avenues to Wealth.

I am now financially free and can achieve anything by just setting targets, but guess what! This is just the beginning! With Avenues to Wealth the sky is my spring board!

Rita Okonedo (Gold Distributor)

My name is Omolola Faleye. I joined Avenues to Wealth May 2009. I was initially skeptical about joining after losing so much to various network marketing companies, but because of the respect I had for the person introducing the opportunity to me I joined to find out the difference in this particular company and if it will be worth the while. Today I can say I am glad I joined!

I wasn't actively involved until August when I made up my mind to do the business and since then it has been from one success story to another. I realized that this was a company that stayed true to all their promises. Before long I became a Silver Distributor and then a Gold Distributor building a great team. I am looking forward to becoming Platinum.

I joined my fellow team members in giving God the glory when its Pay Day (weekly) which we tagged "Green Mondays". I have been enjoying extra income, I have achieved personal development, I can now do presentations and I have overcome my shyness and I have learnt a lot about financial management. I have also been able to help others succeed; I received text messages with team members thanking me for putting a smile on their faces and helping them achieve so much more than they expected; I have met a lot of new people and made a lot of new friends who have become my second family. Avenues to Wealth is indeed one BIG HAPPY FAMILY!

I have been able to enjoy a good patronage from the over 30,000 network of members nationwide by putting my first business (Sleek) on the deals portal. I travelled on an all expenses paid trip to India and Dubai. This was a trip that gave me 5 Star treatment all the way. Avenues to Wealth spoilt us silly, I enjoyed every bit of that trip.

Avenues to Wealth was able to pay my rent without any hassle. I have been able to change my car by replacing it with an EOD bought from proceeds from Avenues to Wealth. I am enjoying extra income and financial freedom. I joined the Cooperative and that is one of the best decisions I have made this year. I now have savings via the Cooperative.

What more can I say? I know I DON'T REGRET joing Avenues to Wealth instead I am forever grateful to he person who introduced me to this GREAT OPPORTUNITY.

Thank you Avenues to Wralth for staying true to all your promises.

Omolola Faleye (Gold Distributor)

My name is benjamin Maseko. I live in Midrand South Africa with my wife Rachel and our two children Lungile and Wakhekile Maseko. Before i joined networkmarketing, I was a security gaurd later turned security company ownwer. I was introduced into network marketing by a friend of mine Paul Smajda in 1998, Paul where did u go? I did not do the business as I did not understand the MLM industry. Later I was introduced to MLM material that educated me more about the industry.

In 2008 I was introduced to Avenues to wealth (A2W). Let me say that this was the high moment of my new carrier in the MLM industry. Avenues to Wealth gave me an opportunity to spend an all-expenses paid for week in Mauritius. Here, I spent my time in Mauritius with one of the world's renowned MLM gurus Mr. and Mrs. Don Faila. This became a defining moment as to what direction I was to take in the MLM industry with A2W.

Luckily, I was hit by a storm that caused me to park for a moment. Why am i saying luckily: "because we learn more by loosing than by winning". Well the storm is over now, and all arrows are pointing to the top for me with A2W.

My special thanks goes to my Living Almighty God for his grace on me, my wife Rachel and the children for their surpport, Mr. and Mrs. Don Faila for their guidance, Sipho Njiva for his leadership and lastly my team that make it count day in and day out. Thank you c u @ the top

Benjamin Maseko (Platinum Distributor)

My name is Simeon Chinasa Okoro . I am a final year undergraduate of Language and Linguistics (French Major) in the University of Jos, Nigeria. Happily married to Abigail (ma chérie) and blessed with four brilliant children (Chibueze, Favour, Gideon (a.k.a man of valour) and Ben-Joseph.

I've been involved in Avenues to Wealth for the past three years. These few years in the business have been awesome and promise to be better.

I want to use this medium to appreciate the management team of Avenues to Wealth for their leadership style and managerial skills. I have never regretted any moment of my involvement in this business. . . As for achievements in the business, I am believing that the business is yet to begin on my side, because if as a full-time student I could achieve all the feat so far, it then means that the future is yet to begin. . . it may interest you to know that I drive my dream Benz, a 4x4 ACURA MDX jeep and live in my own 5 bedroom duplex (full option).

A2W has given me the opportunity to live my dream of travelling the world, over six countries fully paid for my wife and I; and Greece is just about the corner. . . What more should I expect from this company from where I earn passive income every Monday, and people calling me from almost all over the country saying thanks for giving them the opportunity. I think this company deserves my total support and loyalty. . . and that I promise to give them for many more years!

As for you my dear brother or sister, your story could be better than mine in the shortest possible time. Why not make the best decision of your life (after salvation) and get yourself off the woods of poverty. You deserve the best things in life as much as I do, but for you to make it to the top, your DREAMS must be greater than your excuses. . . waiting for you at the top!

Okoro Simeon Chinasa (Platinum Distributor)

Avenues to wealth is just like other business. It is real, genuine, and wonderful !

One of the areas I have really explored is tour packaging and flight booking. From my calculation, I think I have made about #300,000 from this and am still making more as regards referrals, I have a lot of money as well. Not only that, I have a lot of wonderful people in the biz !

I need to say this, there is something in there for everybody, may I humbly say. . . It is as far as your eyes can see !

Akinremi John (Bronze Distributor)

I am Sibongile Salanje neeSamka. I am a mother of one boy Litha. I hail from the Eastern Pondoland (emaMpondweni), in a small village called Flagstaff in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. I am an ordinary person who is getting extra-ordinary rewards from AVENUES TO WEALTH.

Prior to this business I was employed by a reputable listed company, Clover SA for many years as a sales representative. I was earning a salary that was never enough to meet my needs, let alone my wants. At the end of each month I was always Just-Over-Broke(JOB). I was at the verge of losing my house due to the rescession. I did not own a car, as I was relying on my branded company vehicle. I was sinking in debt, to a point where I had to always request salary advances from my employer, so I could manage to survive for the whole month.

On 21 Augast 2009, I was introduced to this wonderful business opportunity by Mr Sipho Njiva. What blew my mind about A2W was the rewards programme that is designed to make committed and serious distributors rich. The fact that one gets paid every Monday morning in United States Dollars is amazing.

In less than a year I managed to buy myself a brand new top-of-the-range Dodge Caliber, 2010 model which is paid up. I also managed to reach the Platinum level within a space of six months in the business. At the end of November 2010, I settled my home-loan. My sorrows have totally disappeared. My life has changed completely. My eleven year old boy is in a state of disbelief and is very happy for his mom.

I have been to Dubai (my first international flight), Singapore and Thailand. I am really living my dreams, and my life will never be the same again.

I wish to thank my sponsor Mr Sipho Njiva and his beautiful wife for hooking me up with such a wonderful family (A2W). I further wish to thank the Management, and most importantly my TEAM, both upline and downline, as well as the entire A2W family around the globe, for the unwavering support, inspiration and encouragement they keep giving to us.



Sibongile Salanje (Platinum Distributor)