My first experience with A2W was during a 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People training in Jos, Plateau State about 8yrs ago. That began a journey of no-return for me with this fantastic organisation. The life-changing lessons picked up at that event in Jos remain with me till this day.

I have seen myself evolve into a leader and a teacher. I have also had the privilege to severally travel both locally and internationally on exotic, all expense paid vacations with leadership and other people within the company. You cannot BUT earn handsomely with the generous reward program that A2W has. Myself along with many others have earned amazing monetary rewards in A2W.

If you love helping and seeing people succeed, A2W is the place to be. If you love personal growth and development, A2W rocks in this direction! If you want to experience trust-worthy, visionary, innovative and exemplary leadership, this is a platform where I and many others have experienced this. A2W is Home! A2W is Love! A2W Rocks!

Talatu Usari
Gold Leader, Jos

I carry a burden and it's so profound. You see, l believe it's my responsibility to let as many people as l can know that there's a better way out there. A far better way.

To earn more, demands that we first of all become more. A2W has taught me what the four walls of our universities couldn't. Even with a decade in a global financial organisation I didn't learn what I now know as facts of life and business.

From earnings and financial independence to growing my business and seeing the world beyond our shores via the exotic all expense paid vacations, A2W certainly leads the way. And I would like to show you how.

Emmanuel Henshaw
Gold Leader, Port Harcourt

A couple of years ago, I came on board A2W as a student. I made my first million naira and also enjoyed my first International trip doing this business. I have been privileged to lead, guide and empower hundreds of people to discover the greatness within them in the course of doing the business.

For me, i have not started this business at all as i'm poised to making my first million dollars in A2W!

Johnson Ajayi
Gold Leader, Ibadan

At times in life you get into a rut doing the same old things and wondering what next? That was where I was a couple of years ago till a friend introduced me to this company. A2W has been to me a school where I'm learning skills to thrive/succeed in life, the sweet part is I earn as I learn!!

Now seriously speaking, A2W is showing me why I was where I was and how to move from there to where I really want to be. A2W is showing me where I can do more than pray for loved ones in need, where I can give fish and teach others to fish! Oh wow!!! I am learning to dream again, and doing that amidst people of same mind is precious to me! With A2W, I do not walk alone! A2W Rocks any day!!!

Fadekemi Somolu
Bronze Leader, Lagos

Everyone needs that opportunity in life to be a part of something that gives them the spark and bring out the greatness that lies within. A2W has been to me that opportunity!

I have had the opportunity to Learn, Earn, See the world and build an asset in the process. My cheques are getting fatter and my skills are getting sharper all because i have found that rhythm in A2W that inspires me to thrive. I am a testimony that with A2W, dreams come true.

The best part for me is that i thrive by helping others succeed. A2W is the best place to be, A2W is home. A2W Rockkksss!!!

Adekunle Alashi
Gold Leader, Lagos

Since I became a part of A2W about 8years ago, the journey has been phenomenal! Even though my only desire was extra income, I have since been inspired to be more! I have co-authored the ABC of Financial Intelligence book series for children with the A2W MD leveraging on the learnings from this same platform. The most humbling of it all, is the opportunities I have been exposed to as a result of what I have gained just doing my business. I regularly connect with great and like minds on the journey of achieving my dreams, I've enjoyed all expense vacation, earnings, and have had the opportunities to empower hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people - men, women and children - in different aspects of life in seminars, events and in the online space.

It's a fuller, richer life with A2W!!!

Gbonjubola Sanni
Gold Leader, Lagos

Luxury vacations to the US, Dubai, fully paid for me and my family were also part of the package. I'm grateful to God for bringing me to this business at such a time as this. Any time I look back to the day I decided to join A2W, I thank God I made the decision. Today it happened to be one of the best decisions I ever made.

Voke Bob Esidje
Platinum Leader, Benin

I am happy to share that i have failed but i failed forward and learnt and have used that experience, training and learning to raise other leaders who are succeeding in various cities across Nigeria. I have earned several millions and travelled on all expense paid trips courtesy of my business. Even after 6 years, i tell myself that i have just started. A2W rockssssss!

Platinum Leader, Lagos

Word of mouth, training, Team building and passion have been valuable tools that have helped me come this far in this business. These have helped me build a large, successful team, some of who have earned travels, cars and profit share running into tens of millions. Team work makes the dream work!

Ijeoma Chukwu
Platinum Leader, Lagos

The power of FOCUS and tenacity have helped me build a successful committed team in various cities of the nation, some of who have earned travels, cars and juicy profit share. What you focus on grows! Today, we are proud owners of cars, apartments, duplexes as well as good income from the business.

Chinwe Chilakah
Platinum Leader, Port Harcourt

Last year, apart from Retail Profits and other benefits, i went home with a profit share averaging over 1 million monthly . And this year, I am positioning to earn a house worth 30 million. A2W is God ordained, to liberate humanity from the shackles of poverty of the purse and the mind. I love this A2W family. Long Live A2W!

Wale Ojo
Platinum Leader, Lagos

Last year, apart from Retail Profits and other benefits, I went home with a profit share of N12.5million. I was also able to sponsor 24 Indigent children with full scholarships to school! So fulfilling! I and my team have positioned to earn a house worth 30Million. A2W is God sent to help people who want to live the lives of their dreams!

Temitope Akinyemi
Platinum Leader, Lagos

Joining A2W has helped me see the import of the proverbial saying, "a bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush" A2W is like a united family that has a sincere leadership that directs the children in a honest way, even with an imperfect system.

This platform has exposed me to a lot of opportunities within the system. Till date, friends still wish to know my reason for moving on even when discouragement comes at times. Honesty, reliability, focus, goal oriented, training/empowerment are strong values and attributes that the company possesses.

Just like a mirror, A2W has taught me that the power to endure pains outweighs the power to reflect it. I'm on the path of growth and immense benefits; I have only just begun! A2W Rockkkss!!

Chukwuene Stanley
Silver Leader, Onitsha