sharing is rewarding

Many times we refer our family, friends and colleagues to exciting movies we've watched, good restaurants we dined in, hairstylists, fashion designers even our bank account officers get referrals from us. All because we love to share.

In A2W, we don't only recognize and celebrate those who share, we reward it! Yes, we reward it in 11 ways.

At A2W, we are a family and we value family!

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overview of our rewards program

Please note: examples below are based on estimates using the 100PV pack options and A2W Rewards $ or Points are $1 = N200
1. Instant Rewards

For each personal sale you earn an Instant Reward of $50 and there is no limit to the amount of Instant Rewards you can earn.
All Instant Rewards are credited to your account INSTANTLY!

2. Matching Instant Rewards

For every person introduced by someone you directly sponsor you earn 20% Matching Instant Reward of the person you sponsored.
Please note: This reward is Paid to the Sponsor (if active) or closest upline who is active.

3. Fast Start

The company rewards you with $100 on every third sale you make.
This is a reward being introduced afresh to A2W distributors to encourage more active direct sponsorship.

4. Binary Pool Bonus

This is one of the most innovative rewards by the company - it can be active, but mostly passive income.
This rewards you without limit to depth for building a team and supporting your team to build a team.

5. Binary Pool Matching Bonus

The company pays you extra reward as a percentage of the Binary income of your team members.
The percentage that you earn is a function of your ranking. This is residual income.

6. Leaders Bonus Pool

This Reward is strictly for Leaders. It's a profit share for leaders who are able to maintain a minimum monthly volume growth in their teams. This is patterned after the Cycle Payment, is residual in nature, and sufficient reason to become a leader.

7. Leaders Pool Matching Bonus

Here the company pays a higher level of leadership bonus, this is a bonus for leaders who have leaders in their team. This reward allows you to keep track of your leaders and see how they are making progress. You get to earn a profit share for building a team of leaders in your team.

8. Home Ownership Plan

We believe that everyone in A2W who drives the business with passion, and consistently ought to own a Home. The Home Ownership Plan is a solid plan to help distributors qualify for income, travel, car and ultimately a house. It's a matrix based plan that is a direct result of buying the company's products, and encouraging your team to do the same.

9. RBQ Profit Share

This is a monthly income used to reward distributors for making their monthly purchases and encouraging their team members to do the same. The income here is shared into 7 pools and each person is rewarded based on which of the pool ranks they were able to achieve in the course of the month.

10. Leadership Retreat

This is a non-cash reward, it's a benefit. The company has a plan every year to invest in it's leaders by sponsoring them to 2 retreats yearly. A local retreat and an International retreat. The company has a yellow board where leaders get to qualify for local retreats and international retreats. Each leader can have up to 4 invitations for each of these retreats to extend to their spouses and make competitive for their other aspiring team members.

11. Helping Lives System

We believe that A2W is caters to the middle to upper class economic strata, we decided to come up with an initiative that can work from low to middle class as well, providing access from as low as $25 and rewards as high as $1250. Here people are rewarded for starting small and people are given an extension to start up their friends and family in business even if they can't afford to join A2W directly. As extra icing on the cake, the Helping Lives plan doesn't only allow people earn extra income, it also helps people give back by giving to a few charity initiatives upon the achievement of the highest levels.

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the power of 4

Week/Month Number SP-1 Intro
SP-2 Economy
SP-3 Full
SP-4 Bronze
Other Rewards
1 4 $10 $20 $40 $40 More Income
2 16 $40 $80 $160 $320 More Income
3 64 $160 $320 $640 $1,280 More Income
4 256 $640 $1,280 $2,560 $5,120 More Income
5 1,024 $2,560 $5,120 $10,240 $20,480 Other Income
6 4,096 $10,240 $20,480 $40,960 $81,920 Travel Benefits
7 16,384 $40,960 $81,920 $163,840 $327,680 Car Benefits
8 65,536 $163,840 $327,680 $655,360 $1,310,720 House
9 262,144 $655,360 $1,310,720 $2,621,440 $5,242,880 More Income
10 1,048,576 $2,621,440 $5,242,880 $10,485,760 $20,971,520 More Income

Please note that the examples above are based on A2W reward estimates ($1 = ₦200)

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