Reward 4 - Binary Pool Bonus

SP-1 = 25PV   |   SP-2 = 50PV   |   SP-3 = 100PV   |   SP-4 = 300PV

  Must be at least an Bronze (ACTIVE) ranked distributor to qualify for this reward

  Every time your team creates 100PV with a 50:50 balance between your marketing teams, it is called a CYCLE

  Each week you are paid on the number of Cycles created that week

  Cycle value varies and is calculated by dividing the no. of Cycles from the funds received in each week

Binary Pool Bonus History

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While every effort has been made by A2W to provide accurate figures based on actual stats, we can in no way predict or guarantee what future values might be. All values are calculated at the end of each payment week based on the amount sales versus qualified distributors.