What Does It Cost ?

What does it cost to take ADVANTAGE of all the BENEFITS of A2W?

  A2W gives you a breath-taking product and 12 months (1 Year) of access to incredible benefits, including a FREE vacation.

  The cost and product you will receive is based on the country you reside in:

  1. Africa
    SP Intro = N40,000
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  2. Africa
    SP Poppers = N260,000
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  3. Africa
    SP Intro Elite = N150,000
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  4. Africa
    SP Classic Elite = N300,000
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  5. Africa
    SP Premium Elite = N550,000
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  6. Global (Excluding Nigeria)
    Economy Pack = $150
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  7. Global
    Privilege Pack with 45 Incredible Audio Recordings = $350
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  8. India
    Full Privilege Pack with a Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier = $350
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