Platinum Stars

Please help us celebrate our Platinum Stars who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to attain true leadership.

Our congratulations go to:

Adeolu Akinyemi (2* Platinum)
Ijeoma Chukwu (1* Platinum)
Temitope Akimyemi (1* Platinum)
Chinwe Chilakah (1* Platinum)

Are you a leader and and worthy to be recognised amongst the elite? Then Simply duplicate and follow in the foot steps of these truly awesome individuals. At the level of platinum STARS, no condition is permanent, to make the list, you need to be focused and consistent.

Once again our congratulations to these incredible people who achieved greatness!

Adeolu Akinyemi - 2* Platinum

I achieved 2STAR Platinum Status by doing the following. . .

I meet with my physically present team leaders every week, and call up all the remote ones weekly as well.

I feature with my team leaders in their training from time to time.

I send out updates to my teams twice a week.

I sponsor promotions for the parts of my team that need support from time to time.

I drive my key leaders to ensure they are STAR platinums.

I slipped to 2STAR. My goal is 10STAR... I want to exceed 3 STAR by so much that other STARS will be created.

My picture was taken in the USA beside the Tesla. . . the 2nd fastest car in the world that doesn't use oil.

Ijeoma Chukwu - 1* Platinum

Hello A2W family,

My name is Ijeoma Chukwu. A platinum Leader in A2W. I want to congratulate the company for clocking 5 years as well as all the members who has immensely contributed to the growth of the company. I appreciate the management of A2W for being the best company by keeping to their promises.

In the past 5 years , members have enjoyed vacations in well over 10 countries namely, Egypt, Mauritius, Maldives, India, Singapore, Thailand, Dubai Paris, Greece and recently, the company had a vacation retreat in the United States of America touring over 6 cities . Thank you A2W!!!

I want to appreciate everyone that changed ranks in the month of September. Well done and congratulations. Last month, I moved to the rank of platinum star1. Achieving platinum star1 was possible for me because I was working closely with the people in team to ensure that anyone joining our team was ready to duplicate and becoming a bronze almost immediately. Going extra mile to support those who were ready to build their organization to bedrock was a key tool towards the attainment of star 1 platinum.

The truth about the business is that helping others to achieve success makes you a success ! I want to encourage everyone to work hand in hand with their leaders to achieve support,to be trained on how they can duplicate themselves in others.

I pray that as the month of October is fast running out and the year 2013 , Leaders are committed and determined to support every team member to achieve their targeted Dreams and Goals.

I believe the sizzle session with team leaders will help many to change ranks as well as turn their business around. . . Waiting to support anybody who is ready. AM AVAILABLE !

Temitope Akinyemi - 1* Platinum

Having worked on building a team over the past few years, i tried to evaluate what is most effective in growing my A2W business and stay committed doing it whether it's convenient for me or not.

I saw that there are 2 categories of people in my team, people who work during the week and are only available on weekends and people who have flexible schedules. Based on this, i structured out 2 trainings a week; one during the week and another on weekends and they happen without fail.

I communicate with my team via the A2W email messaging system at least once a week. It achieves some measure of result as well.

I also decided to develop small group systems where people can start participating in around the area where they live and easily invite friends, that way trainings and sign ups can happen in more locations. That is already in process.

I have about 6 key leaders i work with who have goals per month on what to achieve within their teams. I put all these in place and we execute them and even though we don't always get the results we desire, we grow gradually while helping more people achieve their goals.

All that is required for me is to scale this up and have more leaders achieving their goals and producing more ranked distributors, and I'll be well on my way to becoming a 3* Platinum.

Thanks A2W for this opportunity to stretch myself, grow and be a blessing. . . A2W Rocks!!!

Chinwe Chilakah - 1* Platinum

Becoming a 1* Platinum is a thing of JOY. I want to thank the almighty God for making it possible for me. The secret behind it is just helping my team members to succeed and by so doing I am succeeding myself.

One of the things that has kept me going is, I don't allow any negativity in my business. Some people choose to see the cup as half empty, while some see it as half full. I see A2W as half full.

Anybody that wants to complain, is doing so because they see it half empty. I don't entertain negative talk. It's either you want you build your business and make money, or you want to complain and make excuses.

I have also decided to be loyal to my company, and sell all the company products and not complain. Just keep focused and remain consistent. . . you will definitely get there.