Make money work for you, rather than you working for money!


The difference between extraordinarily wealthy people and those struggling to make ends meet is often just a matter of knowledge.

Yet despite spending perhaps 12 years at school (and often more at university), most people have not learned how to become financially free - and hence the seemingly never-ending struggle.

Avenues to Wealth teaches you what you wish school had taught you - how to create streams of income that deposit money into your bank account whether you are working, playing, sleeping or on a 6-month cruise.


Not only do we teach you the skills, we equip you with the strategies, tactics, and opportunities to achieve financial freedom in record time.

Accordingly, A2W encourages and assists you to change the way you think about money. It is well known that the biggest folly is to do the same thing day in day out and expect different results.

Many of us have given years to schooling only to find ourselves on the left side of the cashflow quadrant where we trade our time for money, and enjoy no leverage. If you really want to move to the right side, you need financial H.E.L.P.


A2W Presents you with a NEW School, where you can learn by involvement, and in 5 years re-write your story and move on to become financially free.

The normal 40yr career plan does not guarantee your retirement plan. If you don't plan for yourself, you may end up like 88% of workers, who end up either broke or dead at 65.

We have a time tested system, that allows you to enrol in the school of involvement, learn, help others to learn as you become a teacher yourself and make the same thing happen for others.