A2W inspires, connects & empowers
you to achieve your dreams.

We all start life full of dreams, until somewhere along the line, we are jolted by the cold touch of reality. We try and we fail, and gradually give up on our dreams. To get going on our dreams again, we need inspiration, we need the right connections and we need empowerment.

At A2W, we inspire you to dream again! Our seminars are mind boggling, paradigm shifting and transformational. From the moment you connect with us, your mantra begins to change from impossible to I'm possible. Our goal is to make our encounters inspire you to focus on your dreams again.

Inspiration alone is hardly enough. Once you are excited about your dreams again, the next phase is coming into the right company. Getting access to the right people and connecting with them is important to achieving any dream. Leverage is a game of numbers, we are stronger together.

We however don't merely inspire and connect, we also empower our distributors with requisite skills to accomplish their dreams.

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Look what our members think

Luxury vacations to the US, Dubai, fully paid for me and my family were also part of the package. I'm grateful to God for bringing me to this business at such a time as this. Any time I look back to the day I decided to join A2W, I thank God I made the decision. Today it happened to be one of the best decisions I ever made.

Voke Bob Esidje
Platinum Leader, Benin

I am happy to share that i have failed but i failed forward and learnt and have used that experience, training and learning to raise other leaders who are succeeding in various cities across Nigeria. I have earned several millions and travelled on all expense paid trips courtesy of my business. Even after 6 years, i tell myself that i have just started. A2W rockssssss!

Platinum Leader, Lagos

Word of mouth, training, Team building and passion have been valuable tools that have helped me come this far in this business. These have helped me build a large, successful team, some of who have earned travels, cars and profit share running into tens of millions. Team work makes the dream work!

Ijeoma Chukwu
Platinum Leader, Lagos

The power of FOCUS and tenacity have helped me build a successful committed team in various cities of the nation, some of who have earned travels, cars and juicy profit share. What you focus on grows! Today, we are proud owners of cars, apartments, duplexes as well as good income from the business.

Chinwe Chilakah
Platinum Leader, Port Harcourt

about us

A2W Global is a business spread out in numerous countries across the globe.

The Management Team is a well-rounded, experienced team of international consultants.

We are innovators, thinkers, business managers, speakers and developers. And, just like you, we're also parents and hard workers.

Our list of skills include:

  • Business Management
  • IT
  • Accounting
  • Programming
  • Web Design
  • Network Marketing
  • Direct Marketing
  • Wealth Creation
  • Travel
  • and much more

Caring: at A2W, we treat our distributors like family. Our goals have remained unchanged since inception:

  • Provide the best products available
  • Have a positive impact on everyone we encounter
  • Work hard and do exceptional work
  • Pay attention to the details
  • Continue to learn and grow

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mission statement

To empower our distributors worldwide to attain and maintain the financial strength they desire for themselves and their families.

We fulfill our mission through our continued dedication to providing our distributors with the highest quality of services and products available in our industry, as well as returning 70 percent of our sales revenue back to our distributors through our unique rewards program.

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