You have heard the saying - "health is wealth", this saying becomes even more clear when you have wealth, and health is a challenge. Someone said the irony with how people live their lives is that, people spend their health getting wealth, and when they finally get the wealth, they don't have the health to enjoy it with.

Wisdom demands that we keep the goose that lays the golden egg alive, so that it can lay more eggs into the future. Our health is the goose, and our desired wealth - the golden eggs.

Almost every human activity today introduces toxins into the body system. Carbon Monoxide, Lack of Exercise, Eating Fast Food, Excessive Exercise, Drinking, Smoking, e.t.c. There are a lot of toxins that get deposited in our systems everyday that have a gradual effect in destroying our cells, damaging our tissues and affecting our organs. The overall effect of these toxins on the body is a medical phenomenon known as oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress is essentially an imbalance between the production of free radicals and the ability of the body to counteract or detoxify their harmful effects through neutralization by antioxidants. Cells make up tissues, and tissues make up organs! Oxidative stress manifests in destabilization of cells that consequently damage tissues and organs.

There are a long list of ailments that outcomes Oxidative stress, they include - Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Asthma, Arthritis to mention a few. Oxidative stress makes people susceptible to a number of ailments.

At A2W we are involved in marketing revolutionary herbal supplements that helps clear the adverse effects of oxidative stress, detoxify the body and vital organs, helps people regain their energy and libido, manage their health and take care of the resulting effects of oxidative stress.

The testimonies on all the range of products have been off the hook.

What was the first solution to health challenges when man first had them? Drugs or Herbs? We are sure you agree that the answer is Herbs. Almost all the Holy books attest to the value of herbs and their curative abilities. It then begs the question, "Which then is alternative medicine?", the one that came before, or the one that came after?

The essential paradigm on which medicine operates is significantly different from that of traditional herbal medicine. While both can be very scientific in using scientific methodology to derive and justify their outcomes, they are fundamentally different. While medicine seeks to find functional active phytochemical in herbs that tackle different diseases in order to fabricate and mass produce them, traditional medicine operates on the paradigm that the associate phytochemical mix in the herbs serves to balance adverse effects of excess of the particular phytochemical.

While there may however be endless debates about the better option, facts don't lie, and the testimonies of people who have used these herbs and have become better is incontrovertible.

A google search of the 3 key active ingredients of Ruzu Herbal Bitters for example will reveal over 1,500 years of use of some of these herbs and over 100 unique applications of these nature's pure marvels.