In A2W we take education seriously!

We have realized that people are essentially unchanged in 5 years except for 2 things, the people they have met, and the knowledge they have encountered. This knowledge comes through books, events, trainings and e.t.c. In order to help people grow and change, educating them is primary.

Ignorance of one's ignorance is all that is required to get admitted into the college of fools! What one does know that he or she does not know will never be learnt. It is important to invest in learning.

The illiterate of the 21st century would not be someone who is not willing to learn, but someone who is so stuck up in what they have learnt, they are unable to entertain new knowledge. Staying abreast of technology and staying relevant in these times requires constant education and exposure.

In A2W we are passionate about development. So we regularly organize cutting edge training to ensure that our distributors grow and learn. As an organization we know our future is not dependent on how many products we can load, but on the quality of the people in our network. If our distributors increase their capacity and grow, then our business grows.

A2W owns the HLB Academy, The WhatsApp Business Schools 1 to 3 and the regular offline training sessions all targeted at building global entrepreneurial leaders.

Education Initiative - Helping Lives

"Education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive; easy to govern, but impossible to enslave."--Henry Peter Brougham

Nations are poor, and the poor is being used under the guise of different interest groups to serve an agenda they don't understand. Education moves people from slaves to free men and women who are able to consciously play their roles in society.

No matter how well we educate our children, their future will be lived with people who have not had the opportunities of their education and may end becoming a threat to their existence or ability to live without fear or worries in a safe world. By investing in training children today, we make the world a totally different place. We must never belittle the power of simple and small initiatives - small hinges swing big doors.

"At the turn of the millennium the world made a promise...a promise that in 15 years no child would be denied a quality primary education..."

The world has failed in fulfilling this promise as millions of children do not have access to any education, let alone quality education. Nigeria alone has 11 million children of school age, currently out of school. This is terrible!

We can bemoan these realities, and blame the world for it's injustice, or we can become a part of the solution by making a little difference from where we are. We have

decided that - "if it is to be, it is up to us", and that is why we are ensuring that with every success story recorded in A2W via the vehicles of helping lives, we celebrate that success by sending 6 children to very affordable schools in the name of the new millionaire.

Our intervention in providing education for the child will go on via partnerships with concerned NGOs, directly getting involved with families and government.

In just 1 year, we have been able to put 300 children back in school, we hope to multiply these numbers over and over again.